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Refreshing Work is back, with a twist...

This blog originated as an assignment for ChristopherAllen's class, "Using the Social Web for Social Change" at BGI. While the inspiration for Refreshing Work has evolved from observations I began as a child (see earlier post), Christopher was a driving force and mentor while getting this blog started.

Unfortunately, the blog has collected dust as I finished my MBA program, moved, and started a new job. I'm now a Project Manager for a large healthcare organization in California. The company is great; I feel respected as an employee, believe in the mission, and genuinely enjoy going to work. I also wonder what makes them tick: the people, culture, and structure are fascinating, but these musings won't be discussed here. Focusing outside my organization is a choice intended to honor confidentiality and my desire to write without filters as it's difficult to judge appropriate sharing. 

I will share my own reflections as I learn and grow from work. For example, I'm often referred to as a "department of one". I work with amazing people and belong to several teams, yet I've found myself missing the small things: a group to learn with, brainstorm with, celebrate with, and go to happy hour with. I feel the absence of not having teammates nearby for chit-chat, reality checks, catching typos, or enjoying a cup of tea. Many of these things are also what contribute to healthy and positive working environments.

With that in mind, I'm excited to be collaborating with Christopher on Refreshing Work. We've had fun chatting and sharing our unique perspectives- much of my experience lies within established large or medium sized companies, which is exactly where I like to work. Christopher is a teacher, entrepreneur, consultant, and blogger. He's written extensively on Dunbar's Number and other technology related topics, like social software. You can read more on his blog, Life With Alacrity.

We look forward to researching and learning by sharing our conversation online, where we hope you will join in.

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