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Bike To Work

Monday, May 2, 2011

Today is May 2nd, the first weekday to kick-off Bike to Work Month; the lead up to Bike to Work Day celebrations across the US. Nationwide, bicycle advocacy organizations support team challenges, host events, and more. I recommend checking out your local cycling group and participating.

Whether you consider yourself a cyclist or not, now is the time to get started, get back in the habit, or help others get going. Where I live the weather is getting nicer and spring is in the air; a great time of year for cycling. Biking to work has many benefits for both employees and employers. 

Employees who bike to work may experience:

  • Reduced stress from more exercise and avoiding rush hour traffic
  • More free-time, get your work out on the way to/from work
  • Special benefits, look at the EPA's Best Workplaces
  • Environmental impact, reduce air pollution & carbon emissions
  • Simple joy of riding your bike
    Around the world there are employers supporting healthy commute choices that include cycling. While the reason is different for everyone, here are some ways that employers benefit from supporting sustainable transportation choices:

    • Healthy workforce, less sick days & reduced healthcare costs
    • Save money on parking spaces
    • Mitigate traffic impact (a common barrier to growth)
    • Attract top talent with great commute programs/benefits
    • Publicity that's usually very positive
    • Lowering carbon footprint & achieve other sustainability targets

    If you don't ride your bike to work now- go ahead and give it a try! If you're already biking to work- keep it up! Ask your employer about bike parking, showers/lockers, and other amenities to help make biking to work easier for you. If your employer doesn't offer any of these perks, don't let that stop you.

    Happy Bike to Work Month and be safe out there!

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults