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As part of my MBA program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute I've began working with a team of classmates on a business idea. My team is focused on sharing, so sharing has been top of mind lately. Yesterday I was talking with one of these teammates, Darren Guyaz, about a commonly held assumption, the idea that you cannot get paid to do what you love.

Something I've heard before, is that work is just work while weekends and evenings are reserved for the things you love. What I don't understand is why you can't do what you love at work and on the weekends? My belief is that our greatest gifts stem from what we love and hold most closely. What if sharing those gifts is our life's work?

The more I read and write about work, I see that work can change our lives and the world. As I research sharing, I see the same possibility.

This video was a collaborative effort by Bainbridge Graduate Institute students with music by Darren Guyaz, drawings by Paul Taylor Hess, and voice-overs by Nina Carduner, Suzanne Pinckney, Darren Guyaz and myself.

4 responses to "Sharing: Putting Your Greatest Gifts to Work"

  1. Bria, I so much appreciated our long conversation last night - it was very inspiring for me. I love the question you pose: "what if sharing those gifts is our life's work?"

    This speaks volumes to my internal voice of judgement. And it reflects what Nina said that evening when we worked on this project about how she hates to see talent go to waste. I completely agree with both of you and would even take it one step farther by saying you almost have some kind of obligation to share your talent with the world and make it your life's work...


  2. I too am noticing a shift in my mental model about work. I used to draw very clear lines between my personal and professional life--that is, I used to crave weekends that were truly "free" of work where I had, for instance, my own time or saw only family and friends or I turned off my blackberry, etc. Now that I am not working full-time and therefore have far more balance in my professional and personal life, I blend the two during the week and on weekends. I don't have the same boundaries that I used to; instead personal activities, graduate school work, board or community projects I'm involved all in flow seamlessly, with far more flexibility and cross-pollination from one day to the next. As a result, I am experiencing my own right livelihood more fully.

    Christina H.

  3. Bria (and Group)- Love your video for this project, it was a great combination (sharing if you will) of your groups talents into not only a nice deliverable, but an overall beautiful creative piece.

    Are there thoughts of toying around with this idea in the future to perhaps further influence peoples behavior? I think the thought of sharing is so fundamental and pure that it works great as a message that transcends most personal obstructions. Now you just need to find a platform that is universal and accessible to transfer the need and the capability of giving.....facebook application anyone?

    Ryan Arnold; LEED AP, CSBA

  4. Ryan- thank you, stay tuned for Entrepreneurship class, our team is planning to move ahead with our sharing project. Thanks for the encouragement!


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